Yankee Betting Calculator

To calculate your potential winnings with a Yankee bet, you need to consider the number of selections and the odds of each selection. A Yankee bet consists of 11 separate bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold accumulator. The total stake will depend on the amount you wish to bet on each selection. Use a Yankee betting calculator to input the odds and stake for each selection, and it will calculate your potential returns.

Yankee Calculator
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What is Yankee Bet?

A Yankee Bet is an advanced form of betting that amalgamates 11 bets from 4 different selections. Its name, “Yankee”, is said to trace back to an American soldier who, after placing a modest wager in the UK, garnered hundreds of thousands in returns, thanks to the intricate roll-over mechanics inherent to this betting format. Comprising 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a four-fold accumulator, this wagering strategy stands out for its potential to yield substantial profits even if not all selections are victorious.

How Does Yankee Bet Work?

Diving into the structure of this system, it’s essentially a strategic blend of multiple bets stemming from four chosen selections. Here’s a concise breakdown:

  • Doubles: Encompassing 6 individual bets, this focuses on pairwise combinations of your four choices (for instance, A & B, A & C, A & D, B & C, B & D, and finally, C & D).
  • Trebles: Covering 4 bets, this takes a trio from your four selections, creating permutations like A, B & C; A, B & D; A, C & D; and B, C & D.
  • Four-fold Accumulator: This singular bet hinges on the success of all four selections.

To witness a payout, a minimum of two out of your four selections needs to emerge victoriously. As the count of successful selections increases, so does the potential payout.

This table shows the Yankee Bet structure.
PartCombinations of selections (A, B, C, D) Number of Bets
DoublesAB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD6
TreblesABC, ABD, ACD, BCD4

How To Use Yankee Bet Calculator?

The calculator is an indispensable tool for determining your potential returns and managing your bets effectively. Here’s how to use one:

  1. Enter Selection Odds: Start by inputting the odds for your four selections.
  2. Specify Stake: Define the amount you intend to wager for each of the 11 bets.
  3. Calculate: With a click, the calculator will compute potential returns based on your inputs and the structure of a Yankee.
  4. Adjust and Analyze: You can modify the odds or stake to see how it impacts potential payouts.


Imagine you have chosen four football matches with the following odds for team victories:

Team A: 2/1

Team B: 3/1

Team C: 4/1

Team D: 5/1

If you decide to stake $1 on each of the 11 bets (total stake: $11), and Teams A, B, and D win their matches, the calculator would break down the returns from the winning doubles and trebles. The four-fold accumulator wouldn’t pay out since not all four teams won.


Do all selections need to win in a Yankee Bet?

No, only two selections need to win for you to get a return, but for maximum returns, all four should win.

Is there a difference between a Yankee Bet and a Lucky 15?

Yes, while both involve four selections, a Lucky 15 includes 15 bets (adding 4 single bets to the 11 in a Yankee).

How much is the total stake for a Yankee Bet?

It’s 11 times the stake you choose for each bet since there are 11 separate bets in a Yankee. Remember, while the potential for higher returns with a Yankee can be alluring, it also requires a higher stake, so it’s crucial to bet responsibly and understand the intricacies before diving in.

Can I mix different sports in a Yankee Bet?

Absolutely! As long as the betting platform you use supports it, you can combine selections from different sports. For instance, you might have two football matches, a tennis match, and a horse race in a single Yankee Bet. This allows for greater diversity and excitement in your betting experience.

What happens if one of my selections in a Yankee Bet is voided or postponed?

If a selection is voided or postponed, that particular part of the bet is treated as a non-runner. This means the bet gets adjusted accordingly. For instance, if one of your selections doesn’t go ahead, your four-fold accumulator would become a treble, your trebles would become doubles, and so forth. It’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions of the betting platform you’re using to understand the exact implications.