Trixie Calculator

In the dynamic realm of betting, enthusiasts continuously hunt for instruments that elevate their chances and refine their tactics. Within this myriad of resources, the Trixie calculator emerges as a quintessential ally for wagering aficionados. Its elegance lies in its straightforwardness, yet it unfurls layers of complexity for those yearning to delve into the intricate folds of a multifaceted bet such as the Trixie. 

Trixie Calculator
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What Is Trixie Bet?

The Trixie bet is a sophisticated wagering strategy comprising four distinct bets spread across three separate event selections. This approach integrates three doubles and one treble, striking a harmonious balance between potential rewards and inherent risks. The beauty of this strategy lies in its forgiving nature: even if a single selection doesn’t pan out, the remaining ones can still yield returns.

How Does Trixie Bet Work?

It breaks down as follows:

Bet 1: Double on Selection A and B

Bet 2: Double on Selection A and C

Bet 3: Double on Selection B and C

Bet 4: Treble on Selection A, B, and C

This table shows the Trixie Bet structure.
BetsSelection ASelection BSelection С

To gain a return from a Trixie, at least two of your three selections must be successful. The more selections that win, the higher the potential return.

How To Use Trixie Bet Calculator?

A Trixie Bet Calculator simplifies the process of determining potential returns from this type of wager:

  1. Input Selection Odds: Begin by entering the odds for your three selections.
  2. Stake: Add the stake you’re willing to wager. Note that since there are 4 separate bets in a Trixie, your total stake will be 4 times the amount entered.
  3. Calculate: Once you’ve entered the necessary details, initiate the calculator. It will instantly display the potential return for each of the four bets and an overall total should all selections win.
  4. Adjust as Needed: You can modify odds or stake to see how changes might influence potential returns.


Let’s say you have three selections with odds of 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0, and you wish to stake $10 on each bet.

Your total stake would be $40 (since there are 4 bets).

If all three selections win, the calculator will display individual returns for each double and the treble, then sum them up for your potential total return.


How many Selections need to win for a return in a Trixie?

You need at least two winning selections to secure a return from a Trixie.

Is the Trixie bet the same as a Patent bet?

No. While both involve three selections, a Patent includes an additional three single bets, making a total of 7 bets.

Why choose a Trixie bet over singles?

A Trixie offers a balance between risk and reward. While it demands a higher stake than individual single bets, it provides a safety net, ensuring a return even if one of the selections fails.

What are the main advantages of using a Trixie Bet Calculator?

Utilizing this calculator eliminates manual computations, saving time and reducing errors. It gives bettors a clear picture of potential outcomes and allows for easy adjustments, making informed betting decisions simpler and more streamlined.

Can I place a Trixie bet on any sport?

Typically, yes. Most bookmakers allow it across a range of sports. However, it’s always recommended to check with your chosen bookie or their betting guidelines for specific details and any potential restrictions.